14 Great Green Shirts and Green Shirt Designs

May 22, 2008 | Written by Gino | Category: Cool T Shirts

The color green has many associations in history and current cultures and has been used as symbol for things such as nature, life, fertility and rebirth. It also was symbolic of resurrection and immortality in Ancient Egyptian culture.

In medieval times green was often associated with stories of love, but on the other hand it was the color of disease and death! In English folklore green was often a symbol of witchcraft and spirits. Whatever your interests in the color green may be, chances are you will find the perfect shirt below!

Love The Color Green? Then Check Out These 14 Great Green Shirts.

green-shirts1.jpg green-shirts2.jpg

green-shirts3.jpg green-shirts4.jpg

green-shirts5.jpg green-shirts6.jpg

green-shirts7.jpg green-shirts8.jpg

green-shirts9.jpg green-shirts10.jpg

green-shirts13.jpg green-shirts14.jpg

green-shirts11.jpg green-shirts12.jpg

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  1. shelby | May 22nd, 2008


  2. Eli | May 23rd, 2008

    All look freakin’ awesome. Particularly liking the bottom right corner one.

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  5. Islami Kiz Isimleri Islami Erkek Isimleri | June 1st, 2008

    14 Great Green Shirts and Green Shirt Designs…

  6. Joe | June 11th, 2008

    That skull design by Godmachine is available for purchase at Miles to Go, but they chose to print it on black instead of green: http://www.milestogoclothing.com/store.html

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  8. Debbie | June 24th, 2008

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  9. Derek | June 27th, 2008

    These are some bad @$$ t-shirts designs. I’m not sure which ones I like the best. I’d have to go with pic no.7 and no.9. Great Job!

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  12. Rick | January 9th, 2009

    Sick I Love it.