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Linty Fresh Going Global

Most of the time an indie t-shirt line announces they’re going global, it simply means they are shipping internationally. A big step nonetheless, but not quite like moving your operations overseas. That is what it sounds like Linty Fresh plans to do and possibly more…

Cross Promotions and Opportunity

The T Addict posted a pretty good piece yesterday about adding a gift in your package when a customer buys one of your t-shirts. I thought it is worth a mention because many times non-apparel companies do the same by packaging a t-shirt with the product they’re trying to move. This concept is just as effective in reverse, and I want to share two examples with you. Custom T-Shirt Printing

Wordans is a great custom t-shirt printing website that is an industry leading direct to garment digital printing and high quality screen printing company. Their t-shirt design gallery has over 1,500 t-shirt designs to choose from and they also have an option to upload your own designs for custom t-shirts.

New T Shirt Search Engine –

On TechCrunch today I saw a story about a new t shirt search engine called Currently several designs are showcased on the home page and you can do a standard search, search by color, tags and price.

How to Create Photorealistic T-Shirt Mockups

GoMediaZone recently released a cool t-shirt template pack that you can use to Mock Up Your T-Shirt designs. They also released a tutorial that sows you how to use the template to create some sweet t shirt design mock ups.

Color Overload T Shirt Forum Now Live!

We have finally launched our new T Shirt Forum! We have many different categories such as a General T Shirt Discussion, T Shirt Printing, T Shirt Business, Online T Shirt Marketing Section and much more.

The T Shirt Quilts Guide

The creation of t shirt quilts dates back many years and is a huge tradition with many families, but the t shirts weren’t always the main ingredient in these quilts.

Top 3 Japanese Shirt Folding Videos

Japanese Shirt Folding is the ultimate way to fold your t shirts quickly and neatly. Folding your t shirts is important because it reduces wrinkles and saves tons of space if done right. You could probably fit 5 times as many shirts in your shirt drawer if you fold your shirts using the Japanese Shirt Folding technique.

Free Blank T Shirt Template

We at Color Overload have decided to create and giveaway a free blank t shirt template to anyone who is going to start t shirt business or design tees for others. This free t shirt template comes in a mens format and comes with 40 preset colors based on American Apparel t shirt colors!To download the blank t shirt template simply click the download button before.

Top 30 T Shirt Blogs Part 3

A few days ago we posted the second part of our top 30 t shirt blogs series, showcasing shirt blogs 11-20. Today we move forward again, publishing part three of our t shirt blog series! Below you will find 10 more great shirt blogs that every tee shirt lover should subscribe too!